Universal Editing and Interdisciplinary Experiments

Uleshka is an experimental explorer and interdisciplinary force rooted in design.

She has a talent for initiating projects, mobilizing and motivating people, bringing the right creatives and progressive minds together and making the most out of her solid, high-quality, international network.
Uleshka has founded and chief-edited Asia’s biggest design blog at the time, written various books about design, has a long record of interviewing people, giving presentations, holding workshops, talks and organizing events. She offers her writing, editing, research, concept and project management skills to those who are looking for inter-disciplinary communication and innovation. Uleshka teaches “Experimental Editing” at independent workshops in her studio and at HTW University, Berlin.

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- 12 years work experience in international / Asian design environments
- Interdisciplinary project initiation and concept
- Experimental nature
- Discussion leader / creative client communication
- Interviewing skills / talks / moderation
- Curation / connecting talents
- First-class international network
- Project management, scheduling and motivation
- Writing / design author, chief-editor and design journalist
- Sustainability passion
- Art and creative direction
- Graphic design background / web design

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash basics, Final Cut Pro, Basic HTML / CSS,
Wordpress and Movable Type (blog software), Microsoft Office, iWork

- German (native)
- English (native)
- Japanese (JLPT Level 2-3)
- French (conversational)

About Uleshka | Heritage

Uleshka set up and chief edited PingMag.jp for its active years. With this iconic bilingual (Japanese/English) blog, she created a now often copied format for an online design magazine which is cross-disciplinary and has inspiration as a main goal. It became Asia’s biggest design blog in 2006 and was known for its international network of designers and the creative industry. Uleshka wrote four bestselling design books for Gestalten.com on contemporary design and has been involved in the global live networking event Pecha Kucha Night from the very beginning. Uleshka wrote the book about Pecha Kucha Night, was the moderator for several design events and is now official organizer of the charity event “Global Pecha Kucha Day” in Berlin. The Pecha Kucha network is currently active in about 400 cities worldwide.

Engaged in sustainability, Uleshka enjoys to introduce innovative design projects to Worldchanging.com and for PeaceSweater, her self-produced fashion line of sustainable sweat-shirts, she motivated first-class international designers to get involved. Uleshka consulted Tsudaro, a traditional tea-house in Kyoto and helped them to open up to an international high profile audience by establishing a strong concept, a new corporate identity and website. For the maker-community and open source software Fritzing, she was in charge of communications and created an easy way to explain their tricky, technical material to everyone.

Years of experience in international and foremost Asian environments, expertise in bringing together designers and creating synergies combined with her joy for communication are what make her a true expert in interdisciplinary design and contemporary communication.

Uleshka graduated in Germany in Visual Communications with a one hour audio-visual performance piece called “Heterotopic Nomads” as Diplom Designer. After living in London and eight dazzling years of Tokyo Uleshka moved to Berlin in 2009. Together with experimental DJ Ill Pitecantropo Eretto, Uleshka performs her visual-art (whenever she finds some extra time) under the name of JIN. In 2005, JIN’s audio-visual installation “Water” was exhibited at and bought by the Centre Pompidou in Paris for their permanent collection.